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Old 1st March 2005
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The thing about NS10s is that you have to "learn" them, unlike better monitors that are truer. There is a certain sound that once you know how it should be coming out the NS10s you just work toward until you get it.

I think a lot of engineers who have used the NS10s for a long time are afraid to get rid of them after learning them so well. I know that I have been one of them. But recently I mixed in a studio with ADAM monitors that I had never heard, and the mix I did has translated better than most mixes I've ever done. It was a nice change to know that what I was hearing out of the monitors didn't have to be discounted or compensated for certain bumps or dips in the response of the monitors.

Now that ADAM has come out with the ANF10's which are passive (and cheap!), I may have found the perfect replacement for my NS10's.