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Old 18th January 2003
Re: Focusrite ISA 131 ???

Originally posted by kosi
Does anybody know anything about this unit and it's sonic qualities ?
All I know, that it's a Mono Comp/Lim/Exp/De-Esser, designed by Rupert.

Hey Andreas,

I think you are thinking of the 130. I think the 131 is a gate/something.

The 130 is a classic. Its great on a lot of things(vocals and bass). Its the comp based on the one in the Focusrite console. The 131 is if I remember correctly the gate.

The 130 is what is used in the design of the Blue 230(hence the name 230 or (2) 130's) with more modern electronics(heftier power supply). The Red 3 is also based on the same design.