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Just read your TapeOp review again, in wich you write:
the TG12413 had a little buzzy tone at the top of the low end. It didn’t distort as smoothly as the TG1. An analogy would be along the lines of the way a Fender or a VOX amp might distort compared to a Triple Rectifier, with the TG12413 being the Fender/VOX and the TG1 being the Triple Rec. The differences were smaller when I slowed the release time on the TG12413 from 1 to (1).
Since I can't demo both units over here I am very curious about your findings. How much of a difference is there when you set the Zener with the exact same settings as the TG1? Would you be able to tell wich one is wich in a blind test?

(In other words; is the Zener able to sound exactly the same as the TG1, and also capable of different sounds? Or is it very close to the TG1, while also capable of different sounds?)

Did anyone else try them side by side?