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Logic TDM Collection

This TDM Collection is great news....

Los Angeles, CA (January 16, 2003) ? Emagic announces the TDM Collection, which combines three sought-after Emagic software products in one comprehensive package at a special price: ESB TDM, Host TDM Enabler and PTHD Extension.

With Emagic's Pro Tools|HD Extension (PTHD | Ext) for Logic Platinum Macintosh, together with the current Digidesign Pro Tools|HD system, sampling rates up to 192 kHz can be reached. In addition, more tracks than ever before are supported and users can make full use of the increased I/O capacity of the PTHD system. Logic Platinum users also benefit from the new TDM II architecture through the most efficient use of the TDM time slots.

The Emagic System Bridge TDM (ESB TDM) is the ideal link between the DSP world of the TDM system and the computer's native CPU processing. The ESB TDM makes use of the previously unexploited resources of the computer by allowing native audio tracks to be routed into Logic's TDM mixer. In addition, the ESB TDM extends the functionality of the EXS24, making it the EXS24 TDM, which can be used directly in the Aux channels of Logic Audio Platinum's TDM mixer.

The third product in the package is the HostTDM Enabler. It allows the user to insert the Emagic software instruments ES1, ES2, EVP88, EVB3 and EVD6 ? available separately ? into aux channels of the TDM mixer, even using TDM-compatible hosts other than Logic Platinum. While the software instruments are calculated on the computer's CPU, their audio signals can be further processed directly with any of the TDM plug-ins.

The use of the TDM Collection requires an installed copy of Logic Platinum 5.5 (or higher) for Mac OS 9, apart from the Host TDM Enabler, which can also be used with other TDM-compatible host software. Emagic will commence international delivery of the TDM Collection during February 2003. Please contact your local distributor for expected delivery dates and detailed prices in your country.
But what's this crap about OS 9??
Wouldn't it all be in X along with PT6 in X?
And how does is tie in to Logic 6?
Anyway - I do want it - and I'm glad I've waiting on ESB and PTHD until now.

Also - now I really need to get EXS24 mkII along with the Vienna Symphonic Library!!

If somebody goes to the VSL demo at NAMM or West LA Music this weekend - give us a report!