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Digidesign Development Partner Press Releases

Propellerhead Software and Digidesign Announce Rewire2 for Pro Tools
Transfer Both MIDI and Audio Seamlessly Between Applications
Propellerhead Software and Digidesign® today announced the strategic relationship between the two companies that will include the development of ReWire2 for Digidesign Pro Tools(tm) systems. [more]

Tassman 3.0 - Now Available for Pro Tools
Applied Acoustics Systems today announced the immediate availability of the Tassman Sound Synthesis Studio for Pro Tools Systems running on Mac OS X.2, OS 9.x, and Windows PCs. [more]

Future Rhythm Authorized by Digidesign as a Pro School
Future Rhythm Offers Recording Arts Program integrated with Pro Tools
Future Rhythm LLC is very excited to announce that it has been authorized by Digidesign as a Pro School. This makes Future Rhythm the first Pro School in the Silicon Valley. [more]

AmpliTube(tm) and T-RackS® Plug-ins Now Available for Pro Tools 6.0 On Mac OS X
Advanced Capabilities and Superior Sound for Superior Music Production
IK Multimedia announced the release of new AmpliTube(tm) and T-RackS® plug-ins for Pro Tools® 6 Mac OS® X. [more]

The Bay Area Video Coalition Announces Northern California's New Digidesign Pro School
Now you can get the same quality that you expect out of BAVC Avid certified courses in Pro Tools. [more]

New Learning Products for Pro Tools
Cool School Interactus vol. 8 - Pro Tools 6.0 - Tutorial CD-ROM - Valuable preparations material for Pro Tools Certification study
CSi vol.8 - Pro Tools 6.0 covers new features in Pro Tools 6.0. This interactive CD-ROM will be a great resource for any user transitioning to OS X and Pro Tools 6.0. [more]

Cycling '74 Announces Pluggo 3 RTAS Support for Pro Tools 6.0
Award Winning Plug-Ins Demonstrated On Mac OS X at NAMM
Cycling '74 today announced that Pluggo 3.1 will support Digidesign®'s RTAS format for Pro Tools® 6.0 on Mac OS X. [more]

Sony Oxford Releases Dynamics Plug-In for Pro Tools
Today, Sony Oxford has announced the release of the Sony Oxford Dynamics plug-in for Pro Tools. [more]

Emagic Introduces TDM Collection
Emagic announces the TDM Collection, which combines three sought-after Emagic software products in one comprehensive package at a special price: ESB TDM, Host TDM Enabler and PTHD Extension. [more]

Emagic Plug-In Collection for TDM Systems
Emagic is pleased to announce the release of the most eagerly anticipated Emagic Plug-In Collection for TDM (EPIC TDM). [more]

Eventide Reinvents History With Launch of Clockworks Legacy Plug-Ins for Digidesign Pro Tools|HD Platform
In a move that makes some of music production's most sought-after audio effects available to a much wider base of musicians and engineers everywhere, Eventide today announced the launch of Clockworks Legacy plug-ins for the Pro Tools|HD platform. [more]

Gallery Announces MTools LibraryLoader(tm) for Pro Tools 6.0
Gallery UK today announced that it will ship its latest product, MTools LibraryLoader(tm) in January 2003, to coincide with the release of Digidesign's Pro Tools® 6.0 upgrade. [more]

Gallery Release SessionBrowser 3.0 for OS X
Gallery UK are now shipping SessionBrowser 3.0 with Pro Tools® 6.0 support for both OS X and OS 9. [more]

Native Instruments, East West, and Zero-G to Collaborate On New Sample Based Instruments
NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, the leading developer of software instruments, EAST WEST and Zero-G, two of the world's premier producers of professional soundware, are proud to announce that they are closely collaborating on a series of sample-based software instruments. [more]

Plugsound Box
Ultimate Sound Bank ( announces Plugsound Box for Pro Tools, featuring all six volumes of Plugsound. [more]

Plugsound v1.8
Ultimate Sound Bank ( announces a new free update for all Plugsound volumes for Pro Tools. [more]

Sonomic Announces Pro Tools 6.0 and OS X Support for Total Library Server
Sound Library Management Systems Available for OS X Coinciding with Pro Tools 6.0 Release
Sonomic (, the premier provider of sound library management solutions, today announced that its Total Library Server (TLS) now supports Digidesign's Pro Tools® 6.0 and Apple's new OS X operating system. [more]

Universal Audio Debuts TDM Software Plug-Ins for Digidesign Pro Tools|HD
Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations, is debuting TDM versions of their popular Powered Plug-Ins for Digidesign® Pro Tools(tm)|HD here at Winter NAMM. [more]

Universal Audio Releases SmartCode Pro for DTS
Surround Encoder TDM Plug-in for Digidesign Pro Tools|HD
Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations, today announced the release of three new versions of their Smartcode Pro(tm) TDM plug-ins, all of which are now compatible with Digidesign's Pro Tools|HD format. [more]

WAVES Releases Renaissance Maxx Bundle Including New Channel Processor
Renaissance Channel combines EQ, comp/limiter, gating, and more
WAVES LTD., the leader in digital audio signal processing software, has announced the release of the Renaissance Channel, a complete channel processor with true double precision operation for maximum fidelity and artifact-free audio. [more]

WAVES Version 4.0 Offers Macintosh® OS X Support
Waves software version 4.0 initially offers OS X support for TDM, AudioSuite, and RTAS
WAVES LTD., manufacturer of the world's leading digital signal processing systems, has announced that the latest version of its software, version 4.0, will include support for Apple®'s powerful UNIX-based operating system, OS X. [more]

Gallery Release VirtualVTR(tm) 3.1 for OS X
Gallery UK are now shipping VirtualVTR(tm) 3.1 with support for both Mac OS X and OS 9. [more]

Sound Construction and Supply Inc. Announces Improvement to Isobox
Today, Sony Oxford has announced the release of the Sony Oxford Dynamics plug-in for Pro Tools. [more]