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Originally posted by JayCrouch
For those of us that are not quite familiar with DT12 connectors (such as myself), could you be so kind to describe them or post some linkage?

thanks much!
Whirlwind named the Canon FK37 connector a DT12. Most of the TV world and such, now call it a DT12. It's similar to the analog audio connectors found on any Sony DASH machine.

Our new Expando truck has (6) DT12s, that's 72 total input channels plus (2) output DT12s totalling 24 channels, all chassis mounted for easy interfacing from TV world to our broadcast console position. Our music mix console position has (3) 56 channel MASS connectors, set up as three different stage input sections.

Click on this link to see Whirlwind's multipin page...

All their multipin connectors are listed on this page. The DT12 information is in the middle of the page.