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The U-95S was the next generation of U-95. The original U-95 had a Chinese capsule and different electronics. The U-95S had a capsule made by B.L.U.E. and an appropriate amplifier for the different capsule.

The E-47 has a capsule made in Europe, but not by B.L.U.E... but it still grew from the U-95S... with a cosmetic that was kind of similiar to an old favorite, the new model number appeared [there are actual reasons for the change in cosmetic... as the acoustic signature of the grill assembly is a big part of the tone of the microphone]... but the E-47 was originally conceived as an evolutionary progression of the tool.

In many ways I like it better than the U-95S, in other ways, I don't. They're both very cool tools... but the fact of the matter is that the E-47 has replaced the U-95S in the Soundelux line of products... and that's that.