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Old 12th January 2003
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I use the trakker in opto mode to level off transients so I can get hotter at A/D conversion.

I like opto on vocals, but when doing about 10db compression several times a second, it seems to level off all dynamics. Which makes things sound kind of wierd. Sometimes that extreme tonally transparent leveling is very usefull.

I haven't messed around with the distressor opto mode very much. I tried it a few times on vocals, and like the trakker, with about 10db peak compression, it sounded dynamically flat. Tonally though, it didn't sound nearly as good as the trakker. The source sounded crappified.

I also use trakker opto on distorted geetar, so all that high frequency distortion doesn't dominate the tone.

Are there any other super versatile comps? Between these two, and the L2, I feel like I am missing -nothing-. Vari-mu seems interesting, but I can get mix and bus "gelling" through other means.