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Old 11th January 2003
Here for the gear

Originally posted by robdarling
It's interesting to me as I read over these three pages that the only detractors of dsd are the people who say nothing about ever having heard it. I had the pleasure of being in the room when Mytek demo'ed their 2trk sacd recorder for Sony. Sony wants to have a box they can send to mastering houses and commissioned Mytek to build one. They have a set of references that are straight transfers from analog masters and were comparing the Mytek box to the super-duper Sony reference.

I was floored. I've never heard recordings sound so much like what comes off the busses. As Bob says, there are variations from recording to recording (the James Taylor in the Sony demo, which we know was recorded 16/48 to 3348, is no huge impression, for example.) But when it is great, it's just amazing. If we're talking about the same thing, the Tom Jung recording is incredible. 5 mics direct to disc in surround. Breathtaking.

Before griping, listen.
My feelings generally - but would it not make more practical sense for the industry to develop say 64bit/96 PCM with ultra stable clocks and thereby gain both extended frequency response and greater resolution in the all important 10-20khz band?

Oh, and a predictable migration path from where we are now?

Must get to hear some of this soon - I work with NAIM Audio a lot and they are planning some interesting DSD/PCM listening tests.

Having been involved in these kind of 'discuss-guments' for over 20 years now I can't help but be slightly cynical about the motives of Sony et al.

BTW Anyone remember the Sony multitrak ad from the 80s showing a 3348 on the back of a Mitsubishi pick-up? The headline read "Mitsubishi make great trucks!".

I still bought an x850 in preference so what do I know!