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When the "distressor" was first released, many, many moons ago... there were no real 'chameleon' like compressors on the market, so the concept that a compressor could do so many things, and have so many sounds was kind of a foreign concept. The "opto" setting, while different from that of a real "opto" based compressor, was none the less a usable facimile of an "opto" based compressor.

The "Trakker"s gain reduction cell employs DSP control to allow it to behave more like the gain reduction cells that were incorporated in some of our favorite old units... and seeing that Empirical Labs had paved the path for compression units that could be of many characters... the "emulation" characteristics were much more readily accepted than when the EL-8 was released.

With that said... the two units are exceptionally versatile, and exceptionally different sounding in tone, texture, and method of operation and should never be viewed as even marginally interchangable.