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Originally posted by JayCrouch
has anyone here designed any smaller customer splitters for use with a remote rig for recording while doing FOH?

as in has anyone made a small and narrow stagebox design that fits in behing the console for an easy split between the tail end of the house's snake and easy interface into the desk and recording rack?

Small and narrow designed splitter boxes are out there. We had a 2way in the late 70s early 80s; You plugged the FOH tail into this box and returned the feed back to the FOH desk via the individual chassis mounted male XLRs. It had a male XLR for every female XLR, all chassis mounted on the top of the box. The direct out to the truck left from the side of the box. Back then we didn't have multipins. It fit nicely behind most FOH desks, when you needed to split from there. A small and narrow splitter also helps when you don't want to take up too much of a footprint on stage.

Many video trucks use that style of box with DT12 multipin connectors. but they're only 12 channel boxes.