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Old 8th January 2003
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Thanks for your kind words on the DAC1. We always have projects in the cooker and I'll let you know when they are released. Your not too far off though..... The headphone amps are our new HPA-2 design and are very nice. A lot of the DAC1's have gone to guys who just use them for private headphone listening and they work really well in that regard. I stayed at work pretty late on Wednesday of last week and I was listening to Mark Knopflers "Sailing to Philadelphia" on the DAC through some good phones while catching up on some work and it was really a great time. Not often do I just get to kick back and really listen to some great music that was really well recorded and mixed on a good reference system and I gotta say it was a pretty cool experience. A lot of consumer systems just don't cut it in terms of playback and it's a cool thing when you can finally hear music without "bad digital" getting in the way. You can crank it up and it wont kill your ears and there is no ear fatigue to speak of, and definitely no jitter induced artificial harmonics giving you a headache. I only hope that my singing along with the CD didn't annoy the night crew grggt