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My favorite one is to me talking to a guitar player that I referred to as "Noodles" because he noodled over everything. He plays a Strat...

Me: Try it with the neck pick-up please

Noodles: ...blank stare...

Me: Try the neck pick-up I think it will blend well on this song

Noodles: ...Huh?

Me: Switch to the neck pick-up please.

Noodles: I have no idea what you mean.

Me: See these things here, those are you pick-ups, I'd like to hear this one (as I touch the neck pick-up).

Noodles: ...blank stare...

Me: This switch changes which pick-up is being used...(Then I explained ---very slowly---how a Strat pick-up switch works)

Noodles: I thought that switched the strings.

Me: ...blank stare...


Drummer after soundcheck playback

Drummer: I don't like that kick drum sound.

Me: OK, what type of tone do you want?

Drummer: I don't want to answer that.