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Old 29th December 2002
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I would like a DJ mixer version of the Manley 16x2, something like a high end Bozak CMA10-2DL or Urei 1620.

Ideally it would have:

-6 stereo channels

-mind blowingly good mm phono pres on 3 or 4 channels, something that would really vibe with the Grado DJ carts

-switchable stereo inserts per channel and switchable master FX loop

-stereo aux send per channel, pre/post switchable

-cueing yes, pan (balance) no

-mind blowingly good pots everywhere, especially the channel faders, all with groovy round knobs ala Massive Passive, not flat like the 16x2. Toggles instead of pushbuttons.

-seperate main, booth, and record outs with level controls

-mind blowingly good headphone amp for cue with level contol and split cue switch (master in one ear, cue in the other)

- FX return (cueable) and record return would be nice too... loose the VUs and go LED if you need more room on the right, they seem to work better for DJ mixers anyway. It's also nice to be able to switch the level meters to the cue bus, or provide seperate ones but this isn't vital.

EveAnna or Hutch feel free to email me if this interests you. I've been trying to build my own, so it's damn near the only thing I think about any more.

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