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Originally posted by Fletcher
So, if you could have a product build specifically for you, what would it do?

Well, you asked so:

I'd like to see Dave Hill build a console, based on ALL his previous designs.

To take the faux 'Horus' concept to the logical conclusion:

A luxury equipped, medium/large format mixer. Maybe 32IX32BX16AX2 (or 7.1). Spider input stages, pre A/D inserts, all the CraneSong Processing on ea. ch; comp, eq, tape, and HEDD on all 32 mic/line input/A/D convertors, 8 stereo/16 mono aux (A or D S/R), DACS on all 32 chs (for mixing w/analog inserted), chrome P&G flying faders and automation (for the peanut gallery), DIRECT PT interface with a ProControl emulation layer would be appealing to the alsihad faithful, and a massive analog summi(t)ng bus. One knob or fader PER function would make it pretty big (6'+ range) so it would look as impressive as it is. Doesn't matter if the mainframe for it is 48 sp. Hide it away, track, mix, and grin.
Certainly not a new idea, but (the difference being), Dave's designs actually sound GOOD ENOUGH to really make it fly.

This could replace a lot of gear in a lot of rooms...

Seems that a fair deal of the r&d groundwork is already covered and the considerable remainder could be hired/farmed/bought. Might take a good team and some financial backing... Definately require some ASIC design. But there're folks out there who've done this kinda thing before (and could probably use a gig).

just another dreamer...

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