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posted by Knox:
I read a good review of a small frame TL Audio desk. It was fairly cheap for a tube console.
That would be the TLA M3. 16/2. Lists for around $3500. Yeah, I saw that piece too, kinda tempting, but I haven't demo'd it yet, and don't know anyone who has.

posted by Jay Kahrs:
Sometimes the features are more important then the sound, that's why things like the D8B exist.
I'm imagining something that is ultra-basic on features, but way big on sound. An "anti-D8B" if you will.

Figure you got all the "features" you need in the PT edit and mix windows. Now, you want to mix out that audio and amplify it with some nice warm chocolatey tube-driven harmonic distortion.

Same deal recording into the 001: A small yet fat, warm, fierce-sounding little console to track with. Something you can push aggressively, abusively... maximum rock & roll, nome sayn?

That's what I'm looking for.