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Old 31st December 2002
Re: Re: SLAM ADC Comparison

Originally posted by thethrillfactor
Yeah Lynn,

When are we going to hear this CD?

Me and a couple of my pals here in the city(trying in my best Sopranos voice) have been sittin' around waitin'.grudge

We were thinkin' about takin' a little trip you know. Like going over there and payin' you a here me pal?heh

Just kiddin Lynn, but I can't wait. Should be a blast. We were throwing around ideas on what kind of CD player and DAC's we would use(Mark Levinson or Krell CD and maybe a MK DAC).

It may be the most informative of the CDs so far. There's a lot of info to glean from these recordings-80 minutes on CD 1 and over 60 minutes on CD 2. Hutch has heard it and the guys at iZ and Dave Bryce, but fewer than a dozen have heard it so far.

But this ADC CD has been particularly hard to finish. I'm not sure why other than a lot of personal stuff that's been going on. Finding the time to wrap it up has been extremely difficult. All the credits are finished now and I'm looking for translators who can help me translate the credits into as many languages as possible, since probably 1/3 of these CDs are sold internationally. I hope to send it to manufacturing within the month.

I think you'll find it worth the wait.