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Old 31st December 2002
SLAM ADC Comparison

Originally posted by Lee Blaske
I know you're quite discerning about converter quality. When you're using the SLAM! on incoming material, have you done any A/B testing using the SLAM!'s on-board converters vs. taking an analog output from the SLAM! into something like an Apogee?
If you would like to hear how the SLAM ADC compares to some others at 24/44.1, then I hear someone has a CD coming out that compares it to the likes of the PT HD 192, RADAR, dB Tech, Prism, Weiss, Mytek, Apogee, Waves, 888|24, Cranesong and at least a dozen more. The recordings are very revealing.

(Trying my best to be helpful without seeming like a sales pitch. Please don't flame.)