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You're right. We're being pigs. See if this helps......

I still love my Vari Mu and even my RNC.
I really, really love the Trac2 and kick myself in the ass for not getting one earlier.
On a cheaper but equally cool note - The Little Labs PCP is also a major problem solver and creative tool. AND - I went into my attic and found my high school Silvertone guitar that I had attempted to refinish under 'herbal'conditions (with my Dad's hunting knife. Smart kid.) . Well, it looks like **** but sounds great for slide.......plugged into the SLAM!rollz

We should all keep in mind that there's an equal and opposite reaction to the presence of the SLAM! in our lives. It's a scientifically measurable quantity that I am reminded of every time I get my credit card statement.
Happy Holidays,