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Hello Guys

Hello guys,

mmh, it is getting hot here.
I'm not a digital tech, but it seems that we should all try to understand what DSD is before our clients force us to use a system that is not suiting our needs.
I have been thru that several times in my career, and I'm getting fed up with this.It first started with the Mitsubichi X700 prodigy, then Pro tools (I know, I know, I come from PSW).

If I understand well the situation, 1bit dithering is not achievable, so that means that any treatment (EQ, Comp,etc) is not possible.
Yes matt, you don't need dithering, as long as you record a final master, in the same resolution as you reproduce it, but that's all you will do.
Even editing seems complicated with that format.
So a multitrack that sounds rock solid, that you can't edit easily, with no pluggins whatsoever, and that you can't copy too many times...
...we allready got that :We call it 2' Studer...