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Originally posted by Curve Dominant

A puerile personal insult, followed by a distinct lack of on-topic follow-up information. A bit bored and uninformed, are we?


You speak about DSD and SACD as if you had spent any time with it. I have been running a Sony 9000ES SACD player through a Meridian pre/Bryston power amp into ATC 20SLs and through ATC 100s (internal triamp) for some months now. Where are your experiential credentials in this ? Oh, sorry, I forgot, one or two sessions away from home on gear and in rooms you were less than intimately familiar with.

But of course, that's OK, 'cos you've read Lip****z and Vanderkooy. You _know_ SACD must be bad.

This may be my first post on Gearsluts, but I took you to task on another forum for your essentially leaden critique of the format. I am bored, yes.

Of you and your endless twittering.