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Originally posted by malice

So a multitrack that sounds rock solid, that you can't edit easily, with no pluggins whatsoever, and that you can't copy too many times...
...we allready got that :We call it 2' Studer...

LOLheh A 2' (foot) Studer. Now that's tape! From a manufacturers perspective I can tell you that Sony is covering it's tail. You sell what you have and Sony has CD and SACD exclusively. They have been paid royalties on every CD sold for the past twenty years and believe me that is not an insignifigant amount. So they have "invented" a new technology that they can use to squeeze another twenty years out of. It's not inherently bad technology, but honestly all of the information out there is spun pretty good, especially the"It sounds like analog" thing. What kind of analog? Tape? Vinyl? Virgin Vinyl?!? Tube? Wax Cylinder? Wire Recorder? Those who are championing this format are not doing so in an unbiased way. I have spoken at lenght with our engineers and they are all saying the DSD/SACD is fine as a delivery format, but it's not a great recording format. We as a company don't have anything to gain either way. We can adapt our converters to work with either format. I say just pick a system, learn (gasp!) how to use it, and stop getting into these silly discusions over DSD vs PCM, Pro Tools VS Nuendo Vs Radar Vs Logic. They're all good! Remember, there's an ass for every seathehheh