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Originally posted by atticus
...From a manufacturers perspective I can tell you that Sony is covering it's tail. You sell what you have and Sony has CD and SACD exclusively. They have been paid royalties on every CD sold for the past twenty years and believe me that is not an insignifigant amount. So they have "invented" a new technology that they can use to squeeze another twenty years out of. ...
This isn't exactly true. CD, DVD and SACD all employ a number of patents and trademarks owned by various people. Phillips administers CD and SACD but the royalties go to most of the same people DVD royalties go to. In fact DSD technology is closer to being "public domain" than most conventional PCM technology because it doesn't require propriatary reconstruction filters. I'd be willing to bet that Sony earns virtually the same amount from every DVD sold as they do from every SACD.

The most important thing for people to understand is that the labels who have committed to moving to hybrid SACD releases within the next 3-5 years account for, depending on who you talk to, between 55% and 70% of the entire prerecorded music market including indi releases. This is closer to being a "done deal" than ANY new format has been since the introduction of the stereo LP. Does it mean we all need to move to DSD workstations? No more than we needed to move away from analog tape when the CD first came out.