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Old 23rd December 2002
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i wondered the exact same thing talking to michael after he got back from the surround sound conference.

in essence, if SACD were to "win" it would not only effectively push out all small/medium studios that were digital based but also push out all small/medium/boutique labels with sony's proprietary format... there is also a DSD/SACD authoring "problem"

although its DVD-V decks that are in 80+million homes in america and making their way into cars now. not SACD decks. the only benefit SACD has is the dual layer for people who still use CD players. although i believe one can put a 24/96 uncompressed signal on DVD-V [that might be misinformation, but 24/48 im sure is possible]

furthermore... 95% [possibly more] people dont even give a **** about audio "quality" [as shown by the popularity of MP3] so SACD just on the sales of back catalog is going to be a difficult marketing movement on Sony's part.

its going to be an interesting shakeout to say the least over the next few years.