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The Brazilian guy

I love PSW almost 100%. Brad and other friends arevery nice, I post very much in there and I would say that along with Rec Org, they are both my favorite forums. DUC and EQ are reasonable and I am new at the gearslutz, which is becoming a very good discovery for 2003. You guys will see lots of my posts in here now.

Fletcher you are very funny and also share lots of nice info, something that I admire in top talented non ego professionals.

I really do not appreciate MM diary, to me it is a complete loss of time, those fights with the other guy. wash your dirty clothing at hme. Anyway, it is just my opinion. Not the mas talking.

Nika is a genious, I think most just do not understand what he says. He shall have to go to very basic steps so as to make most understand his points. I really like this guy.

For improving, I would recommend you better support at the server, lots of guys are having problems to log in and so.

Keep up the very nice job
Nice 2003 to Gearslutz, PSW, Rec Org, Eq forum