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Originally posted by cajonezzz
Bashing Pro Tools seems to be a sport over there, kinda juvenile, but wtf, gotta bash something if you've got all that time on your hands to debate stuff rather thatn making music.....
Ya know, if Pro-Tools didn't suck, there would be no reason to bash it. I used to "bash" adat's too... why? because they suck.

With that said, I think that adats, as well as 'Alsihad' are great writing tools... but absolutely 'sub-standard' for making "product". Did that prevent "Jagged Little Pill" from selling 15+ million units? Hell no. Did that interfere with my enjoyment of the product? Hell yes. I thought the songs and performances on that record almost transcended the piss poor audio quality... but for me, the audio quality most definitely got in the way of the presentation of the emotion displayed on that recording.

Obviously, to 15+million others, it didn't... but to me it did. Similarly, I found the audio from the last Aerosmith record "Just Push Play" to be less than compelling... but the songs and performances were, well it's ****ing Aerosmith, I ****ing dug it.

I sincerely wished the album had better depth in it's final presentation... but maybe that's because I heard elements of the record while it was in production and knew that it had the potential to sound better than it did.

It seems I'm asking a lot... but all I'd really like to hear is the audio support the depth and emotion of the musical statement. I reckon as long as the product sells... this isn't really a factor to anyone but me.