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Old 2nd January 2003
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I had a blast with the Mixerman saga yesterday.....I finally got around checking it out to see what all the noise was about. laughed my ass off. Beats the **** out ov TV( with the exception of Elimidate and the Christina Aguilara diary on MTV.....grggt )

I think the software interface at PSW sucks compared to Gearslutz but still tons of great info and entertainment. I just wish folks wouldn't try so hard to be funny/wind people up to get their kicks, but I guess biz is slow in alot of studios these days and a guy's gotta find something to do...
I'm kinda at a loss for the sucking up to Fletcher but I don't know 1% of what he does about gear so maybe it's warrented. ( really like the Mercenary site though)
Bashing Pro Tools seems to be a sport over there, kinda juvenile, but wtf, gotta bash something if you've got all that time on your hands to debate stuff rather thatn making music.....Happy New Year