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Certainly near coincedent omnis would be redundant, you would have to change your OH mics. Most tube mics. come with a fully variable pattern box and U-89 s have a half omni or soft cardioid which I've always found useful in an A_B arrangement, this will help you get closer to the instrument with out off axis coloration happening. Don't put the "overheads" too far on top of the instrument, try to mike the instrument instead of finding the stereo image, then the front mike (omni or cardioid) wont get so far away, the kick sound has more to do with the tuning. There's really very little stereo going on in a drumkit the only people who ever hear it are drummers and hard panned drums sound a little juvenile (to me).
Just think about all of the samples used to create hip hop from JB or Led Zep that are way mono in the first place and made pure mono on the way in to the sampler, most laymen think that these are the best drum sounds.
It depends on the music, sometimes you want to make instruments sound like they're playing together in the same space and other times you need to use the speakers as the instruments and get everything real tight. There's no way that a 3 mic. setup is going to work for death metal. Mic. every drum top and bottom and every cymbal close, boundary mic. style (close to wall 1") rooms. Use a kik tunnel. You can burn 20 inputs and 6 busses easy on the drums alone. Make your own stereo!
Pyramix is a DAW that I want find out more about, just fishin.