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Mixerman used to be one of my favorite poster/moderators until about two weeks into the "Diary". Now his forum is a very tedious soap opera that you couldn't pay me to read. A tragic waste of talent and bandwidth.

Cut me some slack here as I describe my problems with the PSW interface because I'm sure to use terminology that belies my luddite mentality. How about fixing your interface so that you don't have to highlight and select the same moderators forum over and over? Lemme see here, what's going on in Fletcher's world? Click, scroll, highlight, click. Check a thread. Click, scroll, highlight, click....really, I'm not through checking Fletcher's topics, oh yeah, I gotta click, scroll and highlight Fletcher again......the GearSlutz "program" that shoots you to the highlighted forum and keeps you there until you ask for another forum is the way to go. The constant need to reselect the same forum over and over really makes your slow server a major PITA.

Fletcher, you are the supreme gear pimp/fountain of knowlege/and profaner on the internet. If I didn't value your advice so highly I probably wouldn't put up with PSW at all. Your efforts to spread information and opinions is greatly appreciated.

Harvey is such a wonderful resource. His willingness to share his treasure trove of experience is a tremendous asset to the recording world. I want Harvey to live forever and always be healthy because I can't imagine not having him around to share.

So there.