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If they were all called "Pultec enhanced", there wouldn't be a problem. The problem is that if you call something a "Pultec", people expect one. Now, if I'm going to buy gear, I'll probably research it and come across the info provided, in this case, on Manley's website. But there are situations where, for example, the 1st time I used the Manley Pultec, I tried renting a "pultec blue". The studio I was at said "We have a pultec floater". This was great news because at the time it was getting late, and rental companies like to be home be 10pm. So I'm going at my mix an hour or so and turn around and here this black Manley Unit. I see "Pultec" and think, cool- let's do this.

Worthless. Turd in sheeps clothing. That hadn't been washed.

It's bullsh¡t and one of the reasons I do not use Manley crap.