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Old 31st December 2002
Here for the gear

Originally posted by Volodia
jessy you've got it the wrong way . DSD is not PCM . Most of the converters used today are Delta sigma technology (ie 1 bit) . The signal is then converted to PCM downsampled and decimated .
Aw man I feel rotten about rubbin you up the wrong way - yeah it'd be great if this sacd stuff was for real, and yeah I'd get real excited too. But man youre showing exactly how these cons are kidding you by making you believe that a 44.1 system only outputs stuff every 22us outta your monitors, thats totally wrong. Go talk with any geek who knows about analog converters! And then you go figuring its better to record, process and mix in some format that needs converting back to the very darned thing they say is busted and theyre tryin to make you believe is obsolete! Then the same cons that are sellin you this stuff even got the nerve to admit that they themselves are converting it backward and forward to PCM, like the format they say is broken, so you can mix it and stuff! They sure must be laughin at yer, maybe theyre wagerin bets right now to how far they can go like its some kinda sad game of chicken? I mean like what the hell can they tell you next time around, like yeah man its PCM all along but our PCMs better than yours and like man youll go believing that too?!!
And then you go tellin me that this 1bit data formats so great when every darned geek in the business seems to have sussed already that its limited to the performance of the old converter tech that got chucked out like 5years ago by the chip makers. Hell man what more evidence do you guys need?
No offence but this ****s winding me up, there aint no reason for me to say more. Lie down and be fleeced if you dig magic, but I sure as hell don't like being treated like a lamb and bull****ted like a mule. I aint no bright geek but I sure as hell aint no ****** either!