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Originally posted by chrisso
I'm getting a bit peeved by the 'newbie' generalisation and by the way people use the term with malice and absolutely no discrimination.
I confess......I am a 'newbie' as far as audio forums are concerned
In fact I am a 'newbie' as far as being on the control room side of the glass is concerned as well. My own studio contains a few high end pieces but nothing on the scale of most of the Gearslutz who regularly contribute.
On the other hand, I have 25 years of studio experience and have worked with many of the top people in the industry. There are probably many other 'newbies' like me.
As has been said, Gearslutz is pretty forgiving - but I have been on the wrong end of some savaging at recpit, on subjects that I knew a lot about and by recpitters who are obviously young and inexperienced. OK, so I shouldn't enter the bearpit etc.....
Just wanted to say that not every 'newbie' has nothing to contribute

I hear you!!

BUT, I also promise that if you stop by MY Forum at the Rec Pit, you WON'T get emasculated, AND I'd LOVE to hear ANYTHING of note that you have to offer, info-wise!! heh