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i like the rythm guitars of mudvayne, sevendust, ill nino, disturbed, deftones, killswitch engage, godsmack. the cool bass sound of korn and the overall sound of rammstein. great songs by pantera, tool, deftones and in flames and nothingface!!! and guitar solos from pantera and damageplan. other cool bands for me are snot, slipknot, dope, unloco, kittie, grimfist, static X, earshot, flaw, lifer, devildriver, tapriit, coal chamber, superheist, hatebreed, crossbreed, cold, lollipop lustkill, boiler room, jack of jill, helmet and some of the metal veteranes like metallica, slayer, mega etc. and last but not least SUB DUB MICROMACHINE from berlin/germany. they┬┤re REALLY COOL!!!

a good place to listen (to f****** bad 128kbps) really hard stuff audio streams is chronixx aggression radio.