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Originally posted by Marshall Simmon
Thanks fletcher.

I was actually looking at these the other night and they seemed quite intersting. How is the quality of the actual mic? Clean and on the uncoloured side i would assume? Is there anyway to use other pre's with each diagphragm?

Thanks marsh
If I may stick my 2 cents in, the mic sounds amazingly "neutral", as close to "one sound fits all" as I can imagine. About as uncolored a mic as I have heard, makes those who like extremely high end mics happy, and thrillls those who use lower end mics. I would say that from my experience sound quality is a non-issue, never had one one come back due to "tone".

Imaging however, is its unbeatable strength, and there is absolutely nothing like it available. Nothing images like a SoundField. The reason is that its the only 3 dimensional mic in existence, that places sources within an up/down, left/right, front/back single point referenced environment. It builds a 3D "model" of what the mic hears. That means that there is no phase issues to contend with whether its mono, M/S, stereo, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 or even 100.1.

As far as outboard preamps, its an argument we've had around here for a while, but its hard for me to see "your money's worth" out of the exercise...the unit really does sound good the way it is. Chances are with the various preamp combinations that are available it would only be "different" than it is, not always objectively better. The argument always ends here in the realm that exploring "imaging" rather than "tone" offers a more fruitful outcome. There are plenty of mics and preamp combo's one can employ to explore "tone", but none that can explore imaging quite like a SoundField. Simple, easy, and amazingly image accurate.