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Old 19th December 2004
Lives for gear
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Mastodon - Remission
Isis - Oceanic and Panopticon are both sick, though Oceanic is my favorite
Unsane - Scattered, Smothered, and Covered
Candiria - 300% Density
Soundgarden - Superunknown, though I love them all. Badmotorfinger has something going on in the hi's that is just poo IMO. Way to bright...harsh...unpleasant
Melvins - Houdini.
Compression - Battle of the Ants
Barkmarket - L. Ron
Clutch - Blast Tyrant...probably my favorite sounding Clutch so far.
Monstermagnet - Superjudge and Dopes to Infinity. They lost me after Dopes though.
The Heads - Relaxing With
Kyuss - Sky Valley - essential IMO
Black Sabbath - Sabotage...Sabbath's prog
Sepultura - Roots

That's all for now, and off the top of my head are obvious choices for me