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Re: Re: Re: rec pit

Originally posted by malice
I see you there often Knox, you got to be there for some better reason than feel sorry.
I understand you've met Slipperman, and the guy explained it quiet thoroughfully.
Some of us have time, some of us have time from time to time (like myself until January), some of us manage to write an insane amount of posts (including here) in 1 hour, wich leave a solid amount of lifetime.
And even if some are internet nuts, that don't make them useless members.

But as I will hang here on regular basis, I just wanted to say that I will contribute as usefully as I can, and fit the tone and the style of Gearslutz.
That won't stop me getting wild there ...

Hope you get this post as friendly as it was meant to be
Oh sure, I understand man (regarding your post being friendly, so was mine).
I stop over there from time to time. I tell you . . . in between sessions, "I" have too much time on my hands these days too. Things are slow right now. When things are slow, I hustle some work off the net . . going to bands sites, answering my emails, dealing with labels. It breaks the monotony to stop off and post a couple of things here at GS or PSW. Last night when I was putting that post up on this thread . . I was thinking, "I don't give a **** where anyone goes or where they get their rocks off". I can be a real smart ass, but I tend to keep that at bay pretty much when I post . . . Those guys let it fly. It's cool, I understand where it comes from.

I guess when I come here . . it's pretty clear cut. Just try to throw some posts out, maybe help some people, GET some help from those that know a lot more then I.
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