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I' ve eaten 98% of this stuff. with the exception of the moose ****, pet food and penis, it's just never become so tragic.
maybe this doesn't qualify as a culinary experience: I was in a band that could be defined as avante-garde punk jazz (althuogh we wrote popsongs we arranged them differently). We played alot live and played in this one club in Freeport NY that was simply the worst (the sound guy reminds me of fletcher. how does jim beam mix with that lobster roe?) they had these PA speakers with a half inch of club crust on them ( the owner was a walking nicotine stain) I won the bet (pride is a horrendous attribute) every day dust, tar and nicotine, barf vapor and who knows what else that accumulated for 10 years, a mouthful of that à #2 fishsticks frenchfries friedclams with ketchup tabasco pickles mayonaise mustard bananas peanut butter chocolate syrup capers anchovies lichi fruit and ice cream (sounds a little like molè) after a night of mescal worms. sorry I can't get more exotic. long live the human side of this biz, any idiot can figure out what sounds good or how to rationalize why they use something that doesn't sound good but it takes emotionally charged human beings to make or help make music.