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Great sax mic under $1,000 USD... the AEA R-84!! Absolutely killer in my experience.

Originally posted by Trp
Hi everyone,

I really have to disagree on D-112 for trumpet (being a trumpet player). It will not give you the sound you consider funk-section-like (which is bright). Actually I would never use it on trumpet.

I would use TLM 103 on trumpet, U87 on trombone and maybe get a EV RE 27 for sax. You might want to change trombone and sax - depending on who sounds weaker within the section (and should therefore get the U87).
Here's a blow below the belt... when was the last time you heard a German "funk band" [or 'blues band'] that had a clue? [Trp lists his location as "Germany" on the profile thing under his name]

Seriously... this is why they play the games [sport] and run the races [horses]... because you can't really predict a winner on paper or a forum.

I wouldn't go near a TLM-103 on a trumpet because I have a gut feeling that the son of a bitch would be so bright [can you say 4kHz of the apocalypse?] that it might rip the hair right off my scalp... but who knows, with the right mic placement, the right song arrangment, the right atmospheric pressure, the right player, motherfukker could be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The only reason I went with the D-112 as my trumpet selection was because it wasn't a condenser and I knew from experience that the 57 should work like a charm on the sax... and I was going to commit the U-87 to the bone. AKG condenser mics and horns? They should probably pass global legislation prohibiting that... maybe an article in the Geneva Convention or something.

Anyway... that's how I hit on my guesses... and they sure as **** were just guesses.