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Originally posted by toledo3
I think Dave G had some good ideas!heh
Yeah, the malt might also help if the guys tend to rush and play before the beat heh

That D112 has a kind of high end boost that would aggravate me on trumpet- but a tlm103 would as well.[/B]
Why is everyone against bright? Lead trumpet needs to be bright, that sizzling "laser sound" is really happening between 6-9kHz (if the player delivers it). Listen to Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Al Jarreau, all the salsa stuff, great big band section work: if those trumpets are not bright, what is? Since Cosmonauta said, he needs to get a soul-funk session done, keeping him away from bright is not a good idea IMHO. I would also rather use a rather smooth and open mic like a TLM 170 or Brauner VM-1, but I´d rather go bright than dark on trumpet for that occasion.

[i]Trp, I am curious where the re27 is supposed to come from
Good idea though.....[/B]
Just thought that one could easily be borrowed or purchased, since Cosmonauta mentioned that possibility for the future.

Since you are probably using both 103 and U87 anyway you can easily try them on different instruments, but my guess is that U87 will have be a bit more of a "brassy" quality on the trumpet (which often seems to be around 3kHz), where as the 103 gives you bit more "sizzling". If your player doesnt have an open sound, everything might be different.

The question, whether to use spot micing or just a single/stereo mic doesn´t depend so much on the song IMO, but on how well those guys can blend. And that´s not done by pulling someone back a few feet. It´s not just volume but mostly sound and that blending has to work in different ranges on the instruments, at different volumes etc. If you want to play safe I would (also) spot mic your horn section to be able to work a bit on the blend during the mix.

But then if your players work as a section all the time and are really great the session can be a piece of cake.
HP mix is pretty important for most horn players though.

[i]if the trumpet is played with a mute, a 57 is not so bad. [/B]
True if it´s harmon mute and you are going for that focussed sound, not the lush one.