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I think Dave G had some good ideas!heh

That D112 has a kind of high end boost that would aggravate me on trumpet- but a tlm103 would as well.

Trp, I am curious where the re27 is supposed to come from
Good idea though.....

This is not an ideal situation, and the one thing that I can add, is that if the volume blend is not happening on your tracks, don't be afraid to get players to move back or forward from the microphones.... ie., asking the trumpet player to step back a little bit.

I would probably go with the "mismatched" xy that Dave-G describes if that sound lent itself to the track. I am not familiar with akg 391's; don't know if they would be nasty as a xy or not.

If the track lent itself towards spot miking, I guess my pick would be a 57 on the sax, the tlm on the trombone and the 87 on the trumpet (in omni or fig 8). That being said, if the trumpet is played with a mute, a 57 is not so bad.