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Old 14th December 2004
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Hi everyone,

I really have to disagree on D-112 for trumpet (being a trumpet player). It will not give you the sound you consider funk-section-like (which is bright). Actually I would never use it on trumpet.

I would use TLM 103 on trumpet, U87 on trombone and maybe get a EV RE 27 for sax. You might want to change trombone and sax - depending on who sounds weaker within the section (and should therefore get the U87).

Trumpet is really sensitive to mic placement since the sound (especially the highs) is really focused. For real lead trumpet playing I would have the mic 1-2 feet away and and make the player aim slyightly next to the membrane. Also turning the TLM 103 a few degrees can make a real difference, too.

If the guys really know how to play as a section and are really strong you can also mic them in stereo or just mono (I heard Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley and Gary Grant just played on one mic on Jarreau and Quincy┬┤s stuff). They should take care of the blend.

Generally TLM 170 is one of the best mics on trumpet IMO.

Good luck and enjoy the session.