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Damn... that's a tough one as I really don't think I'd choose any of those mics except from necessity... but giving it a guess... I think I'd try the 57 on the Sax aimed at the body of the instrument about a foot off the bell aimed at the middle of the keys; the D-112 on the trumpet, about a foot off aimed at the center of the bell and the U-87Ai on the bone about a foot or so off aimed at the top of the bell... but that's a damn rough guess that could at best be constued as a "starting point".

The one thing I would definitely do is be a little slow in starting to set things up so the players eventually gravitate to the best sounding part of the room... then let them play a bit on their own while I fiddled with the sound... then let them play with the track, do my final tweezes and print it with as little to no EQ as humanly possible.

Best of luck bro... I think you're gonna need it.