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Arrow Advice on Brass Section Recording!!!

I have a very important session coming up next saturday.
I would like some fellow GS's advices! ;-p

it's a 3 pieces brass section: SAX, TRUMPET and TROMBONE.

I'm used to record drums, bass, guitars, keys, vocals and even solo sax or solo trumpet... in a daily basis for the last 4 years.
But horn sections is not very common in my studio. :-(

The guys are the top players in town. (So their original sound is great).
The music is soul-funk stuff.
We will overdub 1 time all the tracks.

So, what's the best way (mic positions) to record these section?
Shoul I record the room (m -s ??) additionally to the close?

My mics are:

-Neumann U87i
-Neumann TLM103
-AKG C1000
-AKG C391(a pair)
-AKG D112
-Shure SM57