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Moose ****. Looks like big ovular rabbit droppings and tastes like hay. This was in a survival class in Alaska. The idea is that the moose doesn't use up all the nutrients from what it ate and hell, it's just about all you're going to get when you're surrounded by snow and gnarled little spruce trees. Didn't taste _that_ bad, but it is ****, and I would have to be in a "survival" situation to eat it again...

Had some fabulous moose hot dogs in Alaska too. A friend of my father had a barley field up there. He would let the moose come back year after year until they were nice and fat and then BLAMO! - barley fed moose hot dogs. Yum.

I'm a vegetarian now so I eat all kinds of stuff people might find strange. I'm particularly fond of a dish called Bounty of the Sea, served at a resturant here in Seattle. It's made from many layers of yuba (the skin that forms on the top when you're making soy milk) wrapped in seaweed and covered in black bean sauce.