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Old 29th December 2002
Here for the gear


You just want to start a war, don't you?

On one hand, I wouldn't want to say that everything's completely relative. On the other hand, crappy equipment, in the right hands, can produce very interesting results musically. Why fight it?

Lots of artists go to great lengths to find the right kind of crappiness that gives the proper mood to whatever they're creating.

For instance, on Xmas day, I watched Fiddler on the Roof. Afterwards, a commentator explained how the director got the look he got on film. Evidently, the whole film was shot with some kind of grungy gray stocking (that the director actually bought from some old lady who was wearing them) over the camera lens.

To get the look he wanted, the director consciously degraded the capability of his equipment (i.e. made it more crappy). How do you think Karl Zeiss felt about that?

Lee Blaske