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I went to the Blue Microphone forum and asked about this situation. Somebody apparently from Blue (but logged in as "Guest" on the forum so I can't be 100% certain) posted this response:


As is common in our industry, when you do something well, everyone wants a piece of it. The microphone marketplace has been flooded with look-alike products that promise equal performance for less and never really deliver. As manufacturers, we believe that consumers will be “once bitten, twice shy.” This is one of our primary motivations for designing uniquely styled and superior performing products. Furthermore, we would strongly caution buyers from buying products of dubious design and origin.

We are aware of the activities of Violet Design. They are indeed offering knock-off products in violation of our trademark, trade dress and intellectual property rights. Our legal department is handling the situation.

Rest assured, Martins Saulespurens, Skipper Wise, and all of the key staff responsible for the development of Blue microphones throughout the years remain dedicated to Blue. All of the hard working people at Blue greatly appreciated the wonderful support we’ve received from consumers, critics, and dealers, and will continue to bring you new, exciting and innovative products.


Blue Management


Anyway thought you'd like to read it.