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I've compared both mics. They are both excellent, either might have an advantage depending on your source. In general I was using on female vox and acoustic guitar. I also recorded just a little of some male vocals.

For these applications the Phantom C is a really powerful sound, extremely clean and clear. It seemed to prefer higher impedance instead of low -- I ran into Vintech X73i and 1.2k ohm was much better than 300 ohm. Into the A Designs it was similar, better at 10k than 600. One of the few mics I've been able to just put directly in front of the soundhole and capture a nice clear tone. On vocals it never ran out of power. Can start to get a tiny bit edgy/nasal if not worked properly, and if the gain's not right. I felt vocalists singing close (6-10") was better than 12-18". A very three-dimensional sound, the clarity really makes it stand out of the speakers. But not colored, very musical.

The M930 is outstanding as well, and considerably less expensive than the Brauner. It is tiny, easy to manipulate. As with the Phantom, I felt the Gefell was very strong, never overloaded or got harsh. Very surprising to hear a loud part coming and start to wince, yet then hear the M930 just sail right through it, very smooth. The low end is not as strong as the Phantom. On the female vocalist I wanted more low-mids than the Gefell would give. It doesn't have quite the "character" either, just a little smoother sounding, almost a little flat. Not in a bad way, though, a somewhat drier sound can be easy to mix this way.

For this particular girl singer I felt the Phantom C was a little better. Preamp choice was X73i, 1.2k ohm. On acoustic guitar I could go with either mic, but probably preferred the Brauner for the deeper bass. A Designs MP-2, 10k ohm. I've heard recordings of the M930 on guitar and overhead that sounded great as well. I think for acoustic guitar I'd want a pair of mics, then I'd likely choose the Gefell, for drier room sound, cost, flexibility, and typically-less boom in ORTF.

Which did I pick? Neither one, surprising to me. I've had great success with ADK A-48 on this singer, and it again easily beat these other two. It also beat ifet7, U195, E47, E49. Whatever works. It doesn't work on every source this well, I don't particularly care for it on guitar or some male voices.

I'm planning to buy one or both or a pair of each, one of these days, the Phantom C and M930 are both too good to not have.

BTW Brad, that Brauner shockmount is certainly nicer than the U195's, but... it's not perfect, the rubber bands had rubbed the surface finish off the mic body at the contact points. And I had a little trouble with the cam-lock, it can get rotated and interfere with the mount when you flip it up/down. Minor points I guess...