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Great insights Fletcher , a refreshing take to the subject of feedback.
Are you serious?

were talking about the mix, the sound whatever. Never mind the actual song. what if film/music reviewers all just said this.

"I cant say if this is good or not. My stance is now a refreshing one whereby i cannot comment on an album or movie because I wont listen to it or watch it. I suggest that the film maker or album maker simply remixes and re-works the entire project. even then I cant listen to it or watch it for I have no opinion"

Makes no sense to me. And Fletecher did actually admit that he isnt a particulary good barometer in situations like this.

I remember one review of a film 'Shawshank Redemtion' The guy was creaming himself over it. I went to the movies to see it based on the review and I was glad i did.

Opinions can and do matter. Musicains/Producers do have to come into the real world and sometimes or at least try and put on a pair of ears that belong to the general public. Fletcher has his wife, perhaps our poster doesnt have a handy set of General publics ears at hand. I certainly know that I have to let general public hear my productions if I dont I go way up my own ass.