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Ok..... this is what i figured out. For drums, i buss a compressor to a bus channel not a aux channel. Which sends a portion of that signal to a fresh track giving it more body by adding a few db to the signal. When you comp on a bus you are only comping a portion of that signal and in most cases this will preserve the dynamic range of the drums. Now keep in mind that each different kind of music sits different, sonically, in the spectrum. so often times adding a comp directly to the drums tracks may give you a result more custom to the type of music. I find that comping on a buss saves a ton of processor speed.

now for vocals i found that giving the lead vocal a compressor on its channel will allow for more flexible compression while sending the over dubs to a buss with a seprate comp with different settings will allow you to blend stacks of vocals together.

just remember that your drums wont hit right if the are not eq'd right.

try doing a a high pass filter on your kick at 20hz while boosting around 33hz by 3 to 5 db. fish from 33hz to 70hz untill the kick sits int the mix better.

run a high pass filter on your snare all the way back to around 100hz becarfull not to make it to thin. boost around250 hz to give it back its thud.

all this is doing is cutting out bands of frequencies in instruments that dont hit in those areas. when you have less of that mud floating in your mix everything sounds more glued together and sits visually in its own space.