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Old 24th December 2002
Here for the gear

My inspirational moment was walking through the doorway of Air Studios #1 control room when Air was based at Oxford Circus.

I'd just left college with an electronics degree and been for interviews with Plessey, Digital, Marconi and the like. All these places had people in lab coats and brown shoes. Bad vibe!

Then a friend of mine tells me about this ad in the Daily Telegraph -a broad sheet newspaper!- for a tech @ Air. I knew nothing about the music industry and hadn't been that interested until I got the interview and saw the control room. All those knobs and lights, giant Neve board, huge tape machines and gargantuan JBL4350's, this was way cool and it was the first job I actually wanted. Plus people in 'normal clothes'.

After a week I hadn't heard anything so I called the tech manager who said they hadn't found anybody 'suitable'. I asked if they would give me a try. He called me back and offered me a 3 month trial period, no mention of money, I just said yes. Three months passed on paltry wage, I kept quiet and the rest is history.

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